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What are the Differences Between High and Low Temperature Ceramic?


More and more ceramic items have entered people's daily life, that is to say, daily-use porcelain such as ceramic plates, bowls, mugs, bakeware have gradually become the most frequently used ceramic products in our lives.
Daily-use ceramic has many advantages such as easy cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, and is suitable for high-temperature disinfection and steaming, boiling, roasting, and roasting foods, and is deeply loved by consumers. According to the firing temperature, it can be divided into high-temperature and low temperature ceramic. What is the difference between them? Let's find out!

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Main Differences:

Firing temperature & Brightness

First of all, high-temperature porcelain refers to porcelain fired above 1200°C, medium-temperature porcelain is fired at 1000-1150°C, and low-temperature porcelain is fired at 700-900°C.

High-temperature porcelain can be fired at high temperature again, but low-temperature porcelain cannot withstand high-temperature firing. The higher the temperature, the greater the crystallization density of the glaze, the higher the strength of the porcelain surface, and less prone to scratches.

The glaze surface is moist and crystal clear, the color is full and delicate, and it has the refraction close to that of high-quality glass under strong light.

Products with high brightness indicators use high-quality glaze materials and very good glazing technology, and have good light reflection It works great.

However, the surface layer of medium and low temperature porcelain glaze is thin, with only a shallow layer of refraction, and the pattern color is relatively woody and rough.

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Different sounds
Secondly, we can distinguish by listening to the sound of the ceramic. But this requires experience. The degree of high-temperature porcelain is good, so flick the vessel with your hand, you can hear the sound of high-temperature porcelain is more crisp and close to the sound of metal, with a sense of density, while the sound of medium-low temperature porcelain is relatively dull and low-density.

⚪Different water absorption rate
Finally, the most obvious difference between high-temperature porcelain and medium-low temperature porcelain is the water absorption rate. The lower the water absorption rate, the better. The water absorption rate of high-temperature porcelain is lower than 0.2%; while the water absorption rate of medium and low-temperature ceramics is much higher than this standard, and it is easy to enter sewage and difficult to clean after long-term use, which will affect the use effect.

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If you want to use it more safely, the comprehensive recommendation is to buy high-temperature porcelain, such as white porcelain tableware set, which is a very good choice. While adding beauty to our life, it is also more secure to use.

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