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China Cast Iron Casseroles OEM factory


In this article we will take an in-depth look at an OEM factory of China cast iron casseroles with 20+ years of experience- Raylon Enterprise. By discussing the outlook for the cast iron skillet market, it will help you to know more about the production configurations of the OEM factories, and the factory's customisation capabilities.

china cast iron casserole

China cast iron pot OEM factory with more than 20 years of industry experience, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of cast iron pots.

China Factory Introduction
The factory has spacious and bright workshops and advanced production equipment, as well as an experienced and skilled team. Over the years, we have always adhered to the principle of quality first and customer first, providing high-quality OEM services to many domestic and foreign brands, and have won widespread trust and praise.

The advanced production equipment of China cast iron pot OEM factory not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures product accuracy and quality. In addition, we have also hired a group of experienced and skilled workers, whose exquisite skills and professionalism ensure the quality of the products and the stability of the production line.


Production Process of cast iron casserole:

1. Material selection: Use high-quality cast iron materials to ensure the strength and durability of the product.
2. Smelting: The cast iron material is heated to the melting point and then smelted to remove impurities and improve the purity and quality of the material.
3. Pouring: Molten cast iron material is poured into a metal mold to form a predetermined shape and size.
Cooling: Allow the poured cast iron pot to cool naturally in the air to reach a certain hardness.

cast iron casserole production process

4. Inspection: Conduct dimensional inspection, appearance inspection and performance test on cast iron pots to ensure that the product meets customer requirements.
5. Spray coating: Spray-coat the surface of cast iron pots to improve its rust-proof performance and service life.
6. Packaging: Use exquisite packaging boxes and labels to highlight the product's quality and brand image, and improve customers' purchasing desire and satisfaction.

cast iron casserole production process

Testing Standards:
Our testing standards strictly follow national and industry standards. In addition to conventional size inspection and appearance inspection, we also conduct the following performance inspections:
⚪ Rust resistance test:
Simulate the rust resistance performance during use, and use salt spray test and other methods to detect it.
⚪ Corrosion resistance test:
Test the corrosion resistance of cast iron pots by simulating the corrosion of different acidic and alkaline foods.
⚪ Wear resistance test:
Test the wear resistance of cast iron pots by simulating wear during use.
⚪ High temperature resistance test:
Test the thermal stability of cast iron pots at high temperatures to ensure their safety during use.

quality control of cast iron casseroles

Analysis of cast iron pot market prospects

The market demand for cast iron cookware continues to grow and has broad development prospects. Because people's requirements for the quality and performance of cookware continue to increase. China cast iron casseroles OEM factory is deeply loved by consumers both at home and abroad. The factory advantages: Stable quality, excellent performance and exquisite appearance. Furthermore, we believe that in the future market competition, cast iron casseroles will continue to play an important role, with higher market share and greater development space.

Our OEM factory has strong customization capabilities and can provide personalized services according to customer needs. Specifically including customized design, materials, specifications, shapes, sizes, logos, packaging, etc.

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