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Wholesale Enameled Cast Iron Cocotte With Custom Design


The enameled cast iron cocotte is a kind of cookware widely used in the kitchen. It is characterized by high temperature resistance, durability and excellent heat preservation performance. Today we will learn more about the classification and usage of enameled cast iron cocottes, how to find manufacturers, and the customization services the factory can provide.

The Classification of Cast Iron Cocottes:

According to different uses and shapes, enameled cast iron cocottes can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1.Flat-bottom cocotte: This pot has a flat bottom and is suitable for direct heating on the stovetop. Because of its flat bottom, it is not suitable for stir-frying, but it is very suitable for cooking, such as soup, rice, etc.
2.Round cocotte: These pots are round or oval in shape and are suitable for cooking, steaming or grilling. Due to its round shape, heat is evenly distributed throughout the ingredients, making it ideal for cooking ingredients that require even heating.
3.Square cocotte: This pot is rectangular or square, usually with a deep lid, and is suitable for cooking, stewing, or roasting. Its square shape allows it to accommodate more ingredients while also better maintaining the original shape of the ingredients.
4.Deep cocotte: This type of pot is deeper than other types of enameled cast iron pots and is suitable for cooking ingredients that require long heating, such as braised meat, stewed chicken, etc. Because of its deeper depth, it requires more heat to cook the ingredients.


Uses of enameled cast iron pots

Due to its excellent performance and various shapes, enameled cast iron pots are widely used in the following uses:

⚪Cooking: Enameled cast iron pots have excellent heat preservation properties, allowing ingredients to stay hot for a long time, thus better maintaining the original shape and taste of ingredients. Additionally, its flat bottom also allows for better heat distribution throughout the ingredients.
⚪Steaming food: The enameled cast iron pot has good airtightness and can retain steam well, allowing the ingredients to be cooked in a high-temperature, humid environment and better retaining the original flavor of the ingredients.
⚪Grilled food: The material and shape of the enameled cast iron pan allows it to cook food in the oven, and at the same time it can distribute heat well and evenly, so that the food can be heated evenly and grilled with a better texture and taste.
⚪Stewing: The airtightness and heat-retaining properties of enameled cast iron pans make them excellent at stewing. During the stewing process, the original flavor of the ingredients can be well preserved, while making the ingredients softer, waxier and more delicious.

cast iron cooking cocotte wholesale

To find a wholesale supplier:

If you need to wholesale enameled cast iron pans in large quantities, you can find wholesalers through the following channels:

Online search: You can search for keywords such as "enameled cast iron pot wholesale" on search engines to find a large amount of wholesaler information. In the search results, you can filter out wholesalers that meet your needs and contact them for consultation.
Industry exhibitions: You can attend relevant industry exhibitions to learn about the latest products and technology trends, and you can also communicate face-to-face with some wholesalers to learn about their products and services.
Social Media: You can also search for relevant wholesaler information through social media platforms. On social media, you can find some professionals or dealers in the industry to communicate and cooperate with them.

Customized services the manufacturers provide

Many enameled cast iron pot manufacturers can provide customization services to customize pots that meet the needs and requirements of customers. As a professional supplier of cast iron cookware, we can provide a variety of customization services to meet the needs of different customers, such as customizing different shapes, sizes, colors, styles, customized accessories (such as handles, lids, pot knobs, etc.)

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