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5 Tips About The Selection of Ceramic Tableware


As a household item full of art and practicality, ceramic tableware occupies an important position in modern life. The ceramic bowls, plates and mugs placed on the dining table are not only carriers of delicious food, but also a reflection of life attitude and taste. However, with the increase in the types of ceramic tableware on the market, how to choose safe, healthy and high-quality ceramic tableware has become an issue that we need to pay attention to.

Next, let us discuss the 5 tips about the selection of ceramic tableware

Observe the appearance quality of ceramics

When choosing ceramic tableware, we need to carefully observe its appearance quality. High-quality ceramic tableware should have a smooth, delicate surface without obvious flaws, defects, and deformations. At the same time, we can feel its texture by touching it. Qualified ceramic tableware should have a certain hardness and wear resistance.

Pay attention to the color or pattern

The color and decoration of ceramic tableware are also factors that we need to pay attention to when choosing. Generally speaking, the colors of high-quality ceramic tableware are soft and natural, not too bright or eye-catching. At the same time, the decorative part should have clear patterns and distinct layers, without obvious dislocations and flaws.

Check the thickness and weight

When selecting thin-body ceramic tableware, we can place it under sunlight or light to observe. High-quality ceramic tableware should be transparent, thin, light, and even in thickness. At the same time, we can listen to the sound by gently tapping the tableware. If the sound is crisp, it means the quality is better; if the sound is dull, it may be of inferior quality.

Pay attention to matching and coordination

If you need to buy ceramic tableware in sets, we need to pay attention to whether the overall style, glaze color, picture, and gloss are even and coordinated. If the tableware is not matched well, it will destroy the beauty of the entire dining table. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the purpose of tableware. For example, plates used for eating should be flat and without curled edges; noodle bowls used for drinking soup should have a certain height; bowls used for eating noodles should have a certain depth.

Pay attention to the safety of ceramics

When choosing ceramic tableware, we also need to pay attention to its safety. Generally speaking, regular manufacturers will conduct strict testing on the ceramic tableware shipped from the factory to ensure that the dissolution of harmful substances such as lead and cadmium meets national standards. However, we still need to be careful when purchasing and do not buy tableware with decorative patterns on the inner wall; for brightly colored ceramic tableware, be wary that it may contain harmful substances such as heavy metals; at the same time, do not use ceramic tableware that is damaged, cracked or has an odor.

Treatment before use

Even if we choose high-quality ceramic tableware, we still need to handle it properly before use. For example, you can boil it in boiling water for 5 minutes or soak it in vinegar for 2-3 minutes, which can effectively remove harmful substances in ceramics. In addition, during use, be careful not to store acidic foods and beverages for a long time to avoid aggravating the toxic side effects of lead dissolution.

In short, choosing high-quality ceramic tableware is a prerequisite for us to enjoy delicious food. When purchasing, we should pay attention to the appearance quality, color and decoration, thinness and weight, matching and coordination, etc. We should handle it appropriately before use and pay attention to safety during use. Only in this way can we enjoy delicious food with confidence while ensuring our health and safety.

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