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Cocktails are popular mixed drinks around the world, and their unique taste is closely related to the ingenious combination of the bartender. The presentation effect of cocktails is often closely related to the glass drinkware in which they are served. Today, let’s talk about the related topics of Cocktail glass classfication and China’s custom cocktail glass wholesale factory.

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Introduction to cocktail glasses

Cocktail glasses are cups used to hold cocktails. They are made of various materials, shapes, sizes, and have their own characteristics. According to different cocktail recipes and drinking needs, the bartender will choose the appropriate cup to present the color, concentration, taste and flavor of the cocktail.

Classification of cocktail glasses

Classified by shape: including shaker glasses, classical glasses, highball glasses, margarita glasses, tulip glasses, small flying saucers, etc.

Classified by function: including short-drinking type and long-drinking type.
Short-drink cocktail glasses are suitable for short-drink cocktails, such as classical glasses, margarita glasses, etc.; long-drink cocktail glasses are suitable for long-drink cocktails, such as highball glasses, flute glasses, etc.

Some Common Cocktail Glasses

A. Martini Glass

martini glass

Capacity 4 oz. The most commonly used cup for short drinking cocktails. The prototype of Martini is gin and some kind of wine. It was originally sweet and used sweet vermouth as a secondary ingredient. Among many cocktails, the "Martini" is a cocktail that is at the forefront of popularity.

B. Brandy snifter

Brandy sinifter

The base of the brandy glass is lower than that of the wine glass, and the belly of the glass is larger. When drinking brandy, the drinker needs to use the temperature of his hands to warm the wine, so that the aroma of the brandy will be produced. Therefore, the base of the brandy glass is lower. At the same time, the mouth of the cup is shaped like a tulip to prevent the aroma of brandy from dissipating quickly.

C. Margarita glass

margarita glass

It is a kind of cocktail glass and is specially used for making margarita series cocktails. The Margarita is known as the "Queen of Cocktails" and is one of the most well-known traditional cocktails in the world besides the Martini.

D. Highball glass

highball glass

The highball glass is used to hold Gin&Tonic and Fizz style cocktails. The capacity of the glass is 8-10 OZ. According to the shape, it can be divided into legless cups and goblets. It is ideal to use 8 oz (235 ml) highball glasses as these are the best companions for highball and fizz style cocktails.

Custom Cocktail Glass Factory:

If you want to find a reliable factory of custom cocktail glass, you can try to enter keywords such as "China custom cocktail glass wholesale factory" into the search engine to get a large number of relevant results. You can browse these results to learn about product types, prices, quality, services, etc. from different factories. When choosing a manufacturer of custom cocktail glasses, be sure to pay attention to the experiences and reviews.

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