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Durable Ceramic Rectangular Platters With Dots RLZ0050

  • No.RLZ0050
  • Material: Stonerware
  • Brand: RAYLON
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Color: black
  • Size: 28*23*2.4cm
  • MOQ: 3000pcs/each item

The set of ceramic rectangular platters features charming dots, built to last and withstand the test of time, and easy of maintenance. Wholesale only. MOQ 3000pcs for customization.

custom black ceramic platter with dotted design

Main Features:
⚪Shape & Design: Our ceramic dinner plates feature a rounded rectangular design that is both practical and beautiful. The edges are rounded to avoid accidental scratches, while the spray-dot design increases the anti-slip effect and makes the dinner plate more stable.
⚪Heat preservation: Ceramic material has good heat preservation properties and can maintain the temperature of food for a long time.
⚪Easy to clean: Dishwasher safe. At the same time, it can also be heated in the microwave, which is convenient and fast. ceramic rounded rectangle platter with dots

Ceramic grill-like platter
Food contact safe. Dishwasher & Microwave safe.

Cleaning: Ceramic grill plates should be cleaned promptly after use.
Maintenance: In order to maintain the service life and gloss of the ceramic platter, you can use antifouling or oil repellent for maintenance.
Pay attention to the temperature: During use, you need to pay close attention to the temperature of the ceramic grill platter.

  • Specialized Manufacturer With Abundant Technical Force, And Rich Production Experience
    Professional R & D team can customize products based on your needs.
  • Direct Sales From Manufacturer Quality Assured, Cost-Effective, Standardized management of manufacturing process and quality control process, to improve product stability
  • Advanced Equipment With advanced technology equipment, to control the products quality layer upon layer.

Customized shapes, designs, logo, color accepted. For details, please check Customization

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