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Multi-purpose Large Glass Sweet Storage Jars With Lid Supplier

  • Product name: Glass Storage Jars
  • Brand: Raylon
  • Color: ‎Transparent
  • Material: Glass
  • Size: Can be customized
  • Capacity: 0.6-2.2L, can be customized

The glass sweet storage jars with lid is a practical product, saving space, multiple functions, good sealing, dustproof and moisture-proof.

clear glass sweet storage jars with lid

There are two designs: Clear One and Ribbed One

ribbed glass canister jars with lid

Advantages of Glass Storage Jars With Lid:

⚪Dust-proof and moisture-proof: The lid of the glass storage jar with lid can be closed tightly, effectively preventing dust and moisture from entering the jar. This sealing property not only keeps items clean but also extends their shelf life.

⚪Multifunctional: Glass storage jars with lids can be used to store candies, nuts, pickles, cookies, cereals, rice, etc.

⚪Glass storage jars with lids usually adopt a transparent design, making the entire container look very neat and shiny.

Overall, this glass storage jars with lids are a very practical product with multiple advantages. It not only protects your items from dust and moisture, but also saves space and has multiple functions.

glass storage jars application
We are a factory specializing in the production of glassware. With 20+ years of production experience,  we pursue continuous innovation and design a variety of glass products with novel styles to meet the needs of different customers.


  • Specialized Manufacturer With Abundant Technical Force, And Rich Production Experience
    Professional R & D team can customize products based on your needs.
  • Direct Sales From Manufacturer Quality Assured, Cost-Effective, Standardized management of manufacturing process and quality control process, to improve product stability
  • Advanced Equipment With advanced technology equipment, to control the products quality layer upon layer.

Customized shapes, designs, logo, color accepted. For details, please check Customization

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