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Wholesale 4oz Port Sherry Glass Wine Goblet 120ml

  • Product name: Port/Sherry glass
  • Capacity: 4oz/120ml
  • Height: 139mm
  • Top diameter: 40mm
  • Bottom diameter: 55mm
  • Packing: 6pcs one box, 72pcs one carton

The 4oz port sherry glass brings you an unparalleled drinking experience, with its exquisite craftsmanship and moderate capacity. Wholesale only. MOQ 5000pcs.

wholesale 4oz port sherry wine glass

Main Features:

⚪ The port sherry glass adopts a classic design, with smooth lines and elegant shape, showing its noble temperament.

⚪Moderate capacity: The capacity of this wine glass is 120ml (about 4 oz), which is neither too large nor too small, just enough to meet your needs for tasting sherry. The right amount of volume allows you to better appreciate the aroma and taste of sherry.

⚪High-quality material: The sherry glass is made of high-quality glass, which is clear and transparent and can clearly show the golden color of sherry. It also ensures that your drinking experience is smoother.

⚪This wine glass is easy to clean, just use mild detergent and a soft sponge to clean easily. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

4oz 120ml port sherry glass wine goblet wholesale


  • Specialized Manufacturer With Abundant Technical Force, And Rich Production Experience
    Professional R & D team can customize products based on your needs.
  • Direct Sales From Manufacturer Quality Assured, Cost-Effective, Standardized management of manufacturing process and quality control process, to improve product stability
  • Advanced Equipment With advanced technology equipment, to control the products quality layer upon layer.

Customized shapes, designs, logo, color accepted. For details, please check Customization

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