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10cm 14cm Enamel Cast Iron Orange Casserole Pot Set of 2

  • Product name:Casserole
  • Size: L19*D14*H9.7cm (Small)
  • Size: L13.5*D10*H7.3cm (Big)
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Coating: Enamel coating
  • Wholesale only

The set of cast iron orange casserole pot is featured of smooth surface, with excellent thermal conductivity and heat preservation properties. Wholesale only.Chinese supplier since 2002.

orange brown cast iron enamel dutch oven

Main Features:

⚪Made of high-quality cast iron material with excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. The smooth and delicate surface not only prevents darkening and staining, but also prevents chipping and cracking.

⚪Ergonomic design. The knobs and handles are shaped and sized so you can lift them easily.

⚪Unparalleled heat retention and heating uniformity. Cast iron material has good thermal conductivity and can heat food quickly and evenly

⚪Wide application: For making soup, boiling milk etc. Each pot comes in different sizes to fit a variety of cooking needs.

⚪Easy to clean. No food residue sticks to the enamel surface, just wipe it gently with water and a sponge to make it as clean as new.

wholesale factory of cast iron casserole dish


  • Specialized Manufacturer With Abundant Technical Force, And Rich Production Experience
    Professional R & D team can customize products based on your needs.
  • Direct Sales From Manufacturer Quality Assured, Cost-Effective, Standardized management of manufacturing process and quality control process, to improve product stability
  • Advanced Equipment With advanced technology equipment, to control the products quality layer upon layer.

Customized shapes, designs, logo, color accepted. For details, please check Customization

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