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3 Legged Cast Iron Cauldron Set Camping Dutch Oven With Lid

  • Product name: Cast iron cauldron/Camping pot
  • Features: 3-legged
  • Lid: with lid
  • Size: 30cm/36.5cm/43cm
  • Material: cast iron
  • Wholesale only

The 3 legged cast iron cauldron set is perfect for your kitchen or camping gear, suitable for for searing, roasting and frying. Wholesale only. Chinese supplier since 2002.

cast iron dutch oven for camping use

3-legged cast iron cauldron wholesale

Main Features of Cast Iron Cauldron:

⚪The three-legged cast iron camping pot adopts integrated molding technology.  Made of high-quality cast iron, the camping pot is heat resistant and strong durable. The cast iron cauldron adopts a thickened design, which has good heat storage function and heats evenly with less oil smoke.

⚪This camping pot is multi-purpose and suitable for stewing, baking and frying. Its unique three-legged design not only makes the pot more stable, but also provides more possibilities for cooking.

⚪One side of the lid is flat and can be used as a frying pan, and the other side is suitable for stir-frying or grilling. Moreover, the lid is made of the same material as the pot body, which ensuring heat transfer during the cooking process.

cast iron cauldron pot for camping use

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    Professional R & D team can customize products based on your needs.
  • Direct Sales From Manufacturer Quality Assured, Cost-Effective, Standardized management of manufacturing process and quality control process, to improve product stability
  • Advanced Equipment With advanced technology equipment, to control the products quality layer upon layer.

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