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12inch Black Cast Iron Saucepan Pre-seasoned Cooking Pot

  • Product name: Saucepan
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Coating: Vegetable oil
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 31cm*19cm*13cm
  • MOQ: 500pcs

This 12inch black cast iron saucepan is integrated molded, sturdy & durable, and with excellent heat conduction properties. Wholesale only. MOQ 500pcs.

12inch black cast iron saucepan

The addition of vegetable oil coating makes this milk pot more healthy and practical.
The vegetable oil coating has physical non-stick properties, making it easy to cook various ingredients and avoid sticking to the pan.

black cast iron cooking saucepan wholesale

As for maintenance methods, we recommend that you clean the milk pot with clean water immediately after use to avoid food residues causing corrosion to the saucepan.

12inch black cast iron saucepan wholesale factory

1. Clean and dry the pot thoroughly, apply cooking oil and heat slowly over low heat.
2. Tip: Avoid cooking refrigerated food in the first place
3. Note: The cast iron handle will become hot when heated, so be sure to wear heat-resistant gloves.
4. After cooking, wait for the pot to cool down before scrubbing it with hot water or a cloth. Avoid using detergents.
5. After thorough cleaning, wipe dry with a rag, apply cooking oil to the pot body and then dry it

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