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China Blue Cast Iron Casserole Dish Wholesale Supplier


China, as a country with thousands of years of cooking history, has never stopped pursuing cooking tools. As a perfect combination of traditional Chinese kitchen utensils and modern technology, Chine cast iron casserole dish not only retain the durability and heat preservation of cast iron pots, but also have the easy-to-clean properties of enamel coating. In particular, blue cast iron casserole dish add a refreshing touch to the kitchen with their unique color and texture.

Manufacturing process

China's blue enamel cast iron pots undergo multiple processes including careful material selection, casting, and enamel treatment. Each link is strictly controlled to ensure the quality of the product. The cast iron pot body is smelted at high temperatures to form a strong material, while the enamel coating is treated with a special process to make it not only smooth and delicate, but also wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

wholesale cast iron enamel roaster pan

Product advantages

⚪Durability: The cast iron material ensures the pot body is strong and durable, and can withstand long-term use and high temperature tests.
⚪Heat preservation: Cast iron pans have excellent heat preservation effects, ensuring that food stays hot for a long time, making the cooking effect better.
⚪Easy to clean: The enamel coating makes the pot easy to clean and less likely to retain food and stains, bringing convenience to daily use.
⚪Beautiful and elegant: With its unique color and texture, the blue enamel cast iron pot brings a fresh breath to the kitchen, which is both practical and beautiful.

Wholesale supply

As a professional wholesale supplier of blue enameled cast iron pots, we offer a variety of specifications and models of pots to meet the needs of different customers. We focus on product quality and strictly control the production process to ensure that every product meets high quality standards. At the same time, we also provide comprehensive after-sales service to solve problems during use and ensure customer satisfaction.

cast iron blue casserole dish wholesale

Quality standards for China blue enameled cast iron pot

1 Material selection

Cast iron material: We use high-quality cast iron as the main material of the pot body to ensure that the pot body is strong and durable and can withstand the high temperature and weight of daily use. Cast iron also has good heat retention properties, ensuring that cooked food stays hot for a long time.
Enamel coating: We use a specially treated enamel coating, which is not only smooth and delicate, but also wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It can effectively prevent food and liquid from penetrating into the pot body, thereby extending the service life of the pot.

2 Processing process:
Casting process: We use advanced casting process to ensure that the pot body is accurately formed and the wall thickness is uniform. During the casting process, we also conduct multiple quality inspections to ensure that the pot body has no defects such as pores and cracks.
Enamel treatment: Before applying enamel coating on the surface of the pot, we will thoroughly clean and treat the pot to ensure that the coating can evenly adhere to the surface of the pot. During the processing of enamel coating, we also strictly control the temperature and time to ensure the quality of the coating.

3 Quality inspection

Appearance inspection: We conduct strict appearance inspection on each product to ensure that there are no scratches, spots and other defects on the surface of the pot. The blue enamel coating should be uniform and free of color difference and peeling.
Performance testing: We will conduct performance testing on the product, including high temperature resistance, thermal insulation performance, wear resistance, etc. Only products that meet the standards will be allowed to leave the factory for sale.
Weight and size inspection: We inspect the weight and size of each product to ensure that the product meets the specified specifications.

Market prospects

With people's pursuit of quality of life and love for traditional cooking culture, the market demand for blue enamel cast iron pots continues to grow. As a wholesale supplier, we keep up with market trends and constantly innovate products to meet our customers' needs. We believe that in the days to come, blue enameled cast iron pots will continue to occupy an important position in the market and become a must-have for more home kitchens.

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